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Soooooo, you have decided to find out more about the man giving his "ten cents". Sure, why not? This is how i became a fan of horse racing.

My name is Chris Hernandez, and i am a mid-20's horse racing lover from Los Angeles.

I didn't start out a horse racing fan. I love anything and everything that can be called a "sport", but horse racing was one of those things that never stuck. I would watch the the triple crown races and the Breeders Cup races on television as nothing more than a little diversion from all the other sports on television. I grew up in the heart of Los Angeles, so seeing a horse was a special thing. Whenever i would go to my uncle "P's" house, i would always see pictures of the one uncle who wasn't a black sheep per se, but he was not liked by the rest of the family much either.

Whenever my dad and I would visit (Dad was the closest to him of anyone in the family) I would usually see stuff that caught my eye. He would have all the horse racing stuff around, (the giveaways, some pictures, etc) and i would ask about it, but he would just ignore the question. I was the only nephew who would visit him out of all the relatives. Though a lot of his nieces would visit him, he really enjoyed the fact that he could talk to a male relative. (Dad's side of the family: Uncle and Dad's generation: 8 girls, 5 guys. My generation: 14 girls, 7 guys. That number at the time of this story was 13 to 5 for the 2nd generation)

Eventually, my uncle "L" let me look at the form one day when he had no clue and i picked the horse with the silliest name, who i don't remember the name. He asks me why and i say, "Well, all of these others horse have a bunch of ones early but not late, and she doesn't have a lot of ones at all but the ones that are there are all on the right." He tries to explain that she's not good enough, and he clearly wants to say why, but just leaves it alone and changes the subject. Couple of weeks later i go visit him and gives me $100. I ask "Why?" and he tells me that he bet the trifecta and keyed her on top with all the other speed horses underneath, and she nailed all of them on the wire and it paid $2k, so I'm giving you 5% for your help. I nod, then I ask "When you are going back so we make more money?" and he is like "No, i shouldn't have let you look at the form to begin with it. You are too smart and too young to be wrapped up in this crap. Once you get out of college and have a job, I'll teach you everything that i know".

He didn't get a chance to as he died three years later from the above story, just before the Oak Tree meet. Well, going through his stuff after he died to figure out who got what, i saw one of those free passes that Santa Anita sends in the mail, and i convinced my mom to take me. We go and who do you think is running but the horse who i had picked for my uncle! Also in the field is another horse with an even funnier name is also running. I'm like, i have to bet both, but how? I decide to settle on a trifecta, putting both horses on top, all in the middle, and putting both horses in third, following something that my uncle always said to others, "When you like two horses in a race, split them up in the tri." Race runs and I hit the trifectsa
So despite my uncle's best wishes, i was hooked on the sport he had a passion for. and probably will be until i die.

Other things i like are geography, Scrabble and watching almost any sport on the planet.

So, if you read this story, post a comment on why you came to this page. If you need to contact me, go here. To see a list of 110 weird things about me, click here. (I'm working on the list as we speak)

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