Monday, March 8, 2010

First Post: Key the 99-1 shot

"one small bet to win, one giant price on the 9"

As I shamelessly paraphrase one of the most well-known phrases in American history, i say "Hello, interested one!" to you. This is my first foray into anything even remotely close to this, and hopefully you shall be kind with me early on as i learn the vagaries of blog.

Some of you may be asking, "Why the title 'Key the 99-1 shot'"? That is what the odds were for me becoming a horse racing fan. I knew no one in the business. I had no one who went to the track at all. All i had was a one-off with the game when i was 14. It took three long years before i could go to the track, but once i was there, i felt home.

So if you are willing to follow me on this strange trip, i have no problem with a THE company as long as you're okay with me GIVING MY TEN CENTS

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